Employment law is one of the practice areas that BLC Robert is heavily involved in. Our employment lawyers can provide a wide range of services including but not limited to general advice on employment laws and pension schemes in Mauritius, drafting and reviewing contract of employments, leading the whole process leading to the termination of an employee, including negotiations with trade unions,, assistance in disciplinary proceedings and acting as counsel in court cases, if so required.  BLC Robert can also facilitate the whole process for non-citizens in respect of their work permits.
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We are also involved in providing employment advice in deals involving restructuring exercise, sale of business and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to the providing its services to the local market players, the Firm also advised diverse offshore companies employing staffs in Mauritius. Being an area where there are constant discussions, amendments in the law and its subsidiary legislations, BLC Robert assists with providing regular updates on the amendments in the law that would be  relevant to our clients,. Contact Us for updates. See also Dispute ResolutionFinancial Services

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Recent Matters

  • Advisor to Bauer who has been appointed by the Government of Mauritius for the Construction of Bagatelle Dam on employment law issues.
  • Advisor to to RIU Hotel and Resort Group, one of the renowned names in the hotel industry, since implementation in Mauritius in 2014 on corporate matters including employment.
  • Advisor to Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort on all employment and industrial relations matter.
  • Advisor to Oracle, an American Multinational computer technology corporation, in respect of its operations in Mauritius.
  • Advisors to several offshore companies on all aspects of employment laws in relation to their activities in Mauritius and assist non-citizens in respect of all their formalities to obtain their work permits.