Why Mauritius?

Mauritius has successfully established itself as an International Financial Centre and remains a robust global business platform and a well-regulated and transparent jurisdiction.

  • Democratic state ranking 1st in Africa in the Democracy Index.
  • Economic stability and world-renowned ease of doing business.

  • Political stability built on the foundations of a Westminster-style parliamentary system.

  • Highest court of appeal is the Privy Council in the UK.
  • Hybrid legal framework inspired by English and French law and resulting in an impartial and transparent legal system.
  • Attractive fiscal policies include a network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, low corporate tax, no capital gains tax, no stamp duty.
  • No foreign exchange controls.
  • Dynamic stock exchange.
  • A premier International Financial Centre.
  • A Centre for International Arbitration.

  • Highly qualified, bilingual and professional workforce.

  • A vibrant financial services sector including a number of international banks.

  • Strategic location in the Indian Ocean at the crossroads of international investments.

  • Seen as a safe and reliable gateway to business in Africa.
  • State of the art infrastructure featuring a highly developed network of internal and external communications.

Through the adoption of the highest standards of international practice Mauritius is now placed amongst the most open, competitive, low tax economies in the world.